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Decal Removal

Deal Specialties

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Complete decal removal is another service Decal Specialties provides.  If you dislike tedious and messy work you should definitely call us now.

Key Benefits

  • We have the knowledge of the different materials and how each removes in certain temperatures.
  • Our special decal removing techniques give us the ability to remove your decals and the adhesive residue that is almost always left behind. 
  • The most important benefit is if we remove your decals you don't have to.  Decal removal is definitely no fun for anyone.


When it comes to decal removal, trial and error is the only true way to figure out the best removal methods. Over the years we have used experimentation and have developed a variety of successful decal removing methods. We believe our strategies are as fast, neat, and clean as any we have seen. 

Capability 1
Depending upon the circumstances, (such as atmospheric temperature, surface temperature, material type, age of decal, and size of decal), we  use a number of different methods to remove your decals.  
Capability 2
Many times the decal adhesive remains after the vinyl has been removed.  In this case we have access to just the right chemicals that will remove the glue residue with absolutely no harm to the surface.
Capability 3
The staff at Decal Specialties is experienced, knowledgeable,  and plentiful.  If you need your job completed in a hurry we will assemble a large task force to accommodate your needs. The more hands we have removing decals, the faster the job is completed.

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Last modified: May 10, 2002